Small prologue: If your photos are analogue and you have filled in the meta data to support it I can take time to look over your digital expressions that had their source originally from analogue captures.
There's something about the take, wait and surprise of film photography that holds my attention. Especially with the lo-fi and toy cameras, the particulars of framing and setting the controls correctly, that engage your brain if you are trying to capture an image you imagine on film.

For black and white films, of recent times, I usually develop with ADOX' Rodinal, otherwise in this century it is probably T-max developer, D-76 stock, ADOX silvermax and now even Cinestill Df-96 monobath liquid developer. In the 20th century, it was some variety of D-76.

For color films when developed by me, it was probably Cinestill or Arista liquid concentrates, or some type of news journalist powder mixtures.

I only use around 30 film cameras-mostly medium format Holgas(8) plus one Holga 135BC. I have 1970's SLRs from Nikon, Canon, Ricoh and Olympus, and a couple of the more recent, nevertheless old, Canon Eos Rebels, a Lubitel 166+, three Dianas, 2 of 120 format and a mini, numerous other Lomo cameras, various Kodaks: Brownie Hawkeyes, Trimlite 48 110, 35AF1 and different box cameras. In addition, a good number of other odds and sods film cameras like the toy Debonair, FED 5B, Zorki 4, Zero Image pinhole, or old Polaroids I have loaded with smaller sheet film or some type of roll film. Every so often I dust off my dad's old C-3 Matchmatic. It truly is a "Brick."

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